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Ditch those snagging cotton pads that damage your natural lashes and extensions! Our Clean Swoop Makeup Removing and Cleansing Brush features custom bristles that gently reach between your lashes so that makeup and residue don't stand a chance. With a specially designed curve that hugs the lash line, your Clean Swoop ensures that our Breakdown Makeup Remover and Lash Bath go even further to swoop away buildup without the catching and tugging that leads to unwanted lash loss. And, it’s easy to clean and store. Simply snap your brush into the custom drying stand when finished to keep it clean and dry in between uses.

Swoop Brush

  • To remove makeup, use with our Breakdown Makeup Remover, working your brush over the lashline and lids. Once makeup is loosened, run brush under water to rinse product from brush and through lashes to rinse product from eyes. Pat eyes gently with a towel to dry. To cleanse lashes, dispense Lash Bath into the palm of your hand and swirl to create a lather, or use your brush to pick up foam. Apply to the eye area and lashes by swooping your brush over and under your lashes. Repeat the rinsing process and pat eyes gently with a towel to dry. Gently squeeze any excess water from your brush before snapping it into its drying stand and storing it upright until the next use. If the brush acquires any excess makeup remover or oil over time, gently cleanse bristles with shampoo, rinse with water, squeeze excess water from the brush and dry it in the stand.

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